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Age Divisions

6U – In the 6-and-under instructional division, players from age 3-6 are introduced to the basic fundamentals of softball.  Coaches and volunteers focus on proper throwing, catching, fielding, batting and base running techniques.  Players may hit from a tee or be pitched to by a coach, depending on their individual skill levels and fielders are rotated through the positions throughout the course of the season.  This age division caters to a wide range of abilities and volunteers in the field actively assist and provide instruction to both offensive and defensive players.  Score is not kept as the focus is on instruction and fun.

The 6U division will play its games on Tuesdays and Saturdays once the season starts.  Saturday games will alternate between our diamonds at North Salem and Danville.

8U – In the 8-and-under division, players continue to build on their skills while being introduced to the rules of play and situational softball.  Players may start to specialize in the field in preparation for advancement to the upper age group divisions.  Coaches pitch to all batters, active coaching in the field is still available (but scaled back), and score is kept.

The 8U division will play its games on Wednesdays and Saturdays once the season starts.  Saturday games will alternate between our diamonds at North Salem and Danville.

10U – In the 10-and-under division, player-pitchers are introduced and players are expected to compete increasingly independent of real time instruction and have a more complete understanding of the rules of softball.

The 10U division will play its games on Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays.  Games will be scheduled in North Salem and Brownsburg.

12/14/16U – Teams in the upper age divisions play at increasing levels of speed, physicality and softball IQ.

The 12U division will play its games on Tuesdays and Thursdays in North Salem and Brownsburg.  The 14/16U division season starts in late May and schedules will be released at a later date.

Division assignments are based on player age as of January 1st.  Parents may request that their daughters play outside of their assigned divisions.  TWYSL will decide whether or not those requests may be honored after assessing the players’ abilities and potential impact to safety and fair play.

2016 Kick-Off

TWYSL Family,

Planning for the 2016 season is officially underway, but I’d first like to thank the outgoing Board members, led by Stacy Lewis, for their efforts over the past two years.  Thanks to their vision and the assistance of numerous donors and volunteers, we now have a safer facility parking area, a new ball diamond, new fencing, new dugouts, a new batting cage and much improved playing surfaces for our girls… who deserve nothing but the very best.  Thank you for serving and for delivering.

A meeting was held this evening in which new volunteer Board members were elected and committees were established.  In addition, the group made a number of decisions related to registration, fees, interleague plans and the upcoming calendar of events.  I encourage you to visit www.twysl.com in the days ahead where we will be posting regular updates and meeting minutes as we approach spring.  We’re in the process of updating many of the site documents and links, so if you’re not finding what you want, give it a day or two or email me with your questions.

Answers to the most immediate questions are as follows:

  • Registration is anticipated to open February 1st. Official notification via email, announcements and social media will be initiated once the registration system has been updated and tested.
  • The registration fee for single players will be $75. Fees will be discounted to $70 for the first registered sibling and to $65 for all additional registered siblings.
  • Tri-West will continue its 6U/8U partnership with Danville and 10U/12U/14-16U partnership with Brownsburg as in years past.
  • The Skills Assessment and Draft will likely be scheduled for late February or early March. 6U participants need not attend.  Dates/times and instructions are still being coordinated.
  • Based on past years, we anticipate fielding 3-4 6U teams, 4-5 8U teams, 4-5 10U teams, 2 12U teams and 1 14/16U team. Encourage your girls to reach out to their friends, especially those in the older divisions, as those registrations tend to lag.  Also spread word that the 6U division offers a mix of tee-ball and coach-pitch, based on the girls’ individual abilities.  We’ve had many 3 and 4-year old players consistently hit live pitching by the end of the season.
  • If you’re interested in coaching or assisting, please send me a quick email with your name, contact info and age division. Just gauging interest at this point – not commitments.

Finally, let me pre-emptively thank those who have already volunteered to assist in ways large and small, and those who will answer the call when needed.  I’m extremely proud to be part of this community.  We have great families raising great kids and it’s our hope that TWYSL will play some small role in developing our girls into healthy, happy and confident young women.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Matt Nelson